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October 16 2023 | Tell Me Again How snapd Is Not A Dud

For a while, the recommended way to run 'lxc/lxd' is by installing and managing it via 'snaps'. Okay, how hard can it be, right? For half a year, my new fresh homelab is running this way. Continuously having a load of 4+. With 'snapd' constantly hogging 100% of one CPU core. Below is the graph of removing 'snapd' and running 'lxc' containers without it.

September 14 2023 | What Emergency?

June 15 2023 | Firefox: Disable awesomebar 3-dot menu

In order to disable the annoying 3-dot menu in the Firefox Awesomebar:

 browser.urlbar.resultMenu to false

Mar 3 2023 | The Whole is Greater

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts.

When there are multiple small, reasonable requests, the sum of those become unreasonable.

Writing an end year review of my own performance is reasonable. So is writing one for my colleague. So is writing one for my manager. And writing a proposal of the promotion of a colleague. And so is writing OKRs for next quarter.

Adding them up they become unreasonable.

Perhaps not for you! Perhaps this is still very reasonable and doable for you. However: I am not you.

Mar 3 2023 | It is the Team, stupid!

Scrum, Agile, Lean, Waterfall. All will fail if there is no team. And there is no team, when there is no trust. No bond. No history.

Mar 1 2023 | Check Reality

The individual processes are realistic in themselves. But put together they take up too much energy.

Feb 23, 2023 | Remember Little's Law

Feb 22 2023 - Fixed

I can run my spigot container again! :-D

❯ docker pull
1-19: Pulling from gronwijs/spigot-container
f7a1c6dad281: Pull complete 
ea8366d5a4a5: Pull complete 
bff4abe573cd: Pull complete 
3f92e41bef06: Pull complete 
6581ea1ec5a5: Pull complete 
de879b0c951f: Pull complete 
ac1236d673e3: Pull complete 
450f5b09f4e2: Pull complete 
af8561044419: Pull complete 
a57507d60bae: Pull complete 
c7ae61be4161: Pull complete 
9268f79c3a83: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:20a5627f1fd745853f5bf6f3a0bd495f969f8f38792c485e49e93173cfb1cc73
Status: Downloaded newer image for

Feb 22 2023 - ServerSide Includes

This site is mostly built using Server Side Includes. I don't plan on spending too much time on this. And just want something that works. And loads fast.

Feb 22 2023 | Migrating To New Server, Part 4

I still need to fix ssl certs for the gitlab registry. *grin* LXD/LXC is kinda working. A pox on snapd though. Making things more complicated than it needs to be.

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